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Why was a big chunk of those documents released last week, three months early? The agencies thought they had more time, and if they appealed to the president, it would stop the [October] release, and we got about a quarter of it on Monday.

The rest will still be released later this year, barring President [Donald] Trump blocking it.

Another tactic the agencies used to withhold documents—and the review board was doing their best; they were really, really hard at work, with a really small budget—was the argument of "Not Believed Relevant," which said "it's just not relevant, doesn't matter what's in it, shouldn't be released." Now, today, we know that a whole lot of the NBR stuff is very relevant, and the former head of the review board, Judge [John R.] Tunheim gave a press conference at the National Press Club just a couple of months ago, told the world that they're sorry, they were wrong about that.

And the final thing I would mention about the JFK records act is that the statute said that everything else that has never been released on the assassination record, and even the documents that had been released that had redactions, sections blacked out, everything had to be released 25 years later, and that would be the 26th of October, 2017.

There are a couple of reasons for the early release.

First of all, the National Archives had to hire over 30 people over the last year to scan this stuff.

The document dump should help clear up the mystery, at least a little.

Few events in American history have been the subject of as much intrigue as the assassination of President John F. That morbid fascination has stemmed not only from from what is known by the public, but—even more centrally—what isn't.Are there any remaining compelling reasons for still keeping the documents classified? All of the other governments and intelligence agencies around the world have known for a long time.So there's no reason, no source or method, that the CIA, FBI, Army intel, or Air Force intel has that can't be released, with the exception of some intelligence technical platforms that cost billions of dollars.The year 1991 saw the release of Oliver Stone's controversial film , which suggested that American intelligence agencies might have played an important role in Kennedy's murder.The film and surrounding media hysteria renewed interest in the assassination's narrative, and eventually resulted in the passage of the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act in 1992.

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How did the popular response to the Stone film lead to the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act?

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