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But it was the rise of Facebook as a news platform and the emergence of the Occupy Wall Street and tea party movements on the left and right that gave birth to a new breed of sites in recent years.These sites now operate many of the partisan Facebook pages generating the highest engagement compared to more established players, and they therefore attract some of the biggest audiences online.(A previous report by Buzz Feed News examined the accuracy of content shared on a sample of hyperpartisan liberal and conservative Facebook pages.)Measured in Facebook engagement, website traffic, and the sheer number of outlets, partisan news is in the midst of a new golden age in the United States.Fortunately my husband does fit comfortably into this part of the culture he appears to have left so far behind.The typical Southern Belle raised as an only child in America.“Journalism in the United States was born partisan and remained, for much of its history, loud, boisterous and combative,” he wrote.Over time, that tradition has continued and changed in established media outlets.The analysis also found that since Trump’s election, top liberal partisan Facebook pages and top-performing viral content from liberal websites are consistently generating more total engagement than their conservative counterparts.The extensive Buzz Feed News analysis shows just how deeply outrage and the revenue it generates are tied to divisive online discussions.“Politics changes perspectives, but money really changes people’s perspectives, so I’d really rather not say anything about that,” said Freddy Hernandez, who operates conservative news website Yes Im and its associated Facebook page with more than 1.4 million fans.

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Hernandez doesn’t list his name anywhere on the site, and he’s primarily known online for his You Tube videos about cars, as well as his occasional contributions to auto websites such as Jalopnik.

Hernandez told Buzz Feed News he watched Occupy Democrats and other Facebook pages generate huge engagement and traffic and wanted to see if he could do it too.

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