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It's partly the physical sensation - the feel and smell of good paper - and partly the minor triumph of finding the word you seek, but it's rare to open a dictionary without being diverted somewhere else.

Scroll down for more The eye falls on a word you've never seen before or one whose meaning you have always wanted to check, and you close the dictionary just a little bit richer for the experience.

It has now reached the stage where my computer will not allow me to type the colon, dash and bracket without automatically turning it into a picture of a smiling face. It began with some fairly obvious and relatively inoffensive abbreviations: 'tks' for 'thanks'; 'u' for 'you'; 4 for 'for'. Instead of aiding communication it can be a barrier.

They are destroying it: pillaging our punctuation; savaging our sentences; raping our vocabulary. " But can that be any more irritating than those absurd little smiley faces with which texters litter their messages?

In the show, Ryugamine Mikado gets called a brat for wanting the Dollars to do good deeds, such as covering up graffiti.

That got me thinking about constructive vandalism, doing positive things without somebody's agreement.

The garbage men are heavily overworked here in Berlin and as a consequence, there are many areas that are really dirty.

Because of that, I have started to sympathise with the act of constructive vandalism, as it would still be helping your community, even if it was semi-legal, which basically means outright illegal.

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I have talked to some friends from the web and RL and some Dollars on the discord about that and the main consensus is the following:a) It's okay as long as you don't get caught.b) you need a teamc) it's okay if it reduces the overall damage to the property What are your thoughts on constructive vandalism?