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The only thing that cheered me up was a conversation with a cute younger women at work who'd also had nil response to her emails - it…Read Full Review MSF provided me with a way of dating after getting out of a long term relationship.As with any internet dating, there were the "shoppers", people who will probably never settle down, but I think there are a higher proportion of genuine people looking for the same.I'm engaged to someone I met on the site, we've bought a house together and are expecting a baby in a couple of months! Read Full Review If you are a serious one looking for some special date in this website you'll be most likely disappointed.The hardest part of dating, is writing the profile.The genious of MSF is that your friend writes it for you. The price is about the cheapest going and the support team are excellent.Read Full Review I would thoroughly recommend the site, having met the love of my life through it!!!

Statistically, al;beit this was a small sample, that means only aropund 1/4 of the profiles are actually 'live'. Oh and let's not forget triathlons the beauty of them all if you are 5' 8" and under that is.I had several pleasant dates, before meeting my ideal match.Unlike and a few others, there are no weirdos or inappropriate emails from people 20 years older/younger. Read Full Review There is no way of knowing how many of the profiles are paid up members or when a person was last using the site.To be honest just persevere and you will find genuine people on there - I did and am now happily engaged from meeting my intended on the site! Read Full Review As internet dating goes, this takes a lot of the awkwardness out of it, since a friend writes your profile.The people on here tend to be pretty straightfoward types.

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I found this site to be full of women who either have a very overly high opinion of themselves or tight in the paying sense.

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