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There are "simple types" such as integer, string, etc.The simple types can be used as the sources for "derived" types.Final is a subset of any of the restriction, union and list.An annotation is information for human and/or consumers.If I set the XMLValidating Reader's Validating Type to Validation Type. I am new to DTD but from the error message, Line 3009 in the DTD reads as follows: I put together a nasty workaround/hack to get past this issue for the time being.If anyone has a better way to validate a c XML document againg the c XML. I have included a code sample that demonstrates how to get around the validation issue if anyone runs into this issue in the future.Validation event (3835, 79): The parameter entity replacement text must nest properly within markup declarations.An error occurred at XML/1.2.014/c XML.dtd, (3835, 79).

Every sample program and exercise adheres to W3C and . The course is intended for experienced software developers with a working knowledge of XML, and familiarity with DTDs or XML Schema, who want to build XML applications or components using Microsoft's . Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to create XML applications in . NET technologies to meet the application program's requirements.

Variety can be anyone of atomic, list and union depending on the varietys value.

It is said to be atomic if the variety value is of a primitive or a built in data type (you can find about datatypes in the following section).

Below the code sample is the output that the code produces.

The c XML spec, sample documents, and sample DTD is located at This sample is being run against version c XML Version 1.2.014.

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This advanced, four-day, hands-on workshop enables participants to effectively use .

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